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Hulan the Gorgeous!

Some time ago Aurik mentioned that he wanted to draw some WoW characters and asked for volunteers; I sent him some screenshots of Hulan as I have often bemoaned the fact that I have never seen any artwork of female Dwarves. Today he has posted the results of his labours and I am absolutely bowled over by the result! Continue reading

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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Aurik recently posted about his favourite instances and the ones he detests and I thought I’d do my own list.  Funnily enough the majority of the ones I both love and hate are Azeroth instances.  I think many of the new Outland instances are ok but they often don’t seem to have the character of the “old world” instances.  If you’ve done one, you’ve done them all.

Continue reading

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I Can Fly!

Flying Boomkin!

A flying Moonkin! I wish *sigh* Moonkins have feathers, I really think Druids should be able to fly in Moonkin form. I love running around in Moonkin form, it hides the horrible mishmash of armour that I’m wearing. Although I can’t help thinking “does my bum look big in this”. I have to admit that I wasn’t really flying, I was fired from Toshley’s Station to take a weather reading; but for a few moments I could pretend, hehe. Continue reading

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Ravenwynd finally hit 70 this evening.  This is the longest time I’ve ever taken to level a character.  I rolled her a couple of months before tBC was released.  When it hit my PC she was level 48 and languished there for 15 months.  It has taken just a few weeks to get her from 48 to 70 and I’m really enjoying her at the moment.

When I first rolled her I intended to keep her feral all the way, with maybe a dabble in healing on the way up.  In the meantime I rolled Hulan and discovered I really enjoyed healing so when I picked up Ravenwynd again it was with the intention of going Resto at 70.  In the meantime I re-spec’d Balance and fell in love!  I love healing with Hulan but I find I’m not so bothered about healing with Ravenwynd.  Ravenwynd is going to be my “fun” character…I don’t much care if 90% of druids are Feral or Resto, balance is the tree for me.  I have many good friends on Moonglade so I know getting a group for instances won’t be a problem.  Now I need to get started on the serious rep grind, get the last 10 points on my Leatherorking and get her some serious gear.

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Under Arrest

Hulan smoothed down her dress and inspected her hair closely in the mirror, tidying away a few stray wisps.  She turned to her father, “Wha’ do ye think Pa?”
“Och, I think ye look lovely lass, pretty as a picture you are.”
Hulan snorted and tossed her head, “I’s no a fashion parade Imma goin’ ta, i’s an important interview.  I dinnae want ta look pretty, I want ta look smart an’ tidy!”
Thorden grinned at his daughter, “Well ye look tha’ too lassie.”
Hulan turned back to the mirror and fussed nervously with her hair.  “I do ‘ope it turns out all right.  This guild ‘as very ‘igh standards an’ I dunno that I’m gud enuf fer ’em.”
“Not gud enough fer ’em?!” Thordenn roared “Dinna be thinkin’ like that lassie!  Yer gud enough for any guild in Azeroth an’ dinna ye go sayin’ any different!”
Hulan caught her father’s eye in the mirror and grinned “Mebbe I shud send yesself up ta Ironforge, ye cud speak fer me an’ tell ’em how gud I am.  Then again, mebbe ye’d frighten tha poor wee bugger ‘alf ta death an’ they’d never let me in!”
Thorden smiled sheepishly, “Ye dinna need me ta speak fer ye lassie, yer quite capable o’ doin’ that fer yesself.  I dinna like ta ‘ear ye do yesself down though, yer as gud as anyone.”
Hulan picked up her cloak and draped it over her arm and crossed the room to hug her father.  “I know Pa.  Now wish me luck, I’m away up to Ironforge ta meet yon fella.  ‘E said aboot eight o’clock an’ I’d rather be there in plenty o’ time.”
Thorden hugged Hulan hard, “Good luck to ye lassie.  I ‘ope tha fella gi’s ye a fair hearin’.”
Hulan threw the cloak around her shoulders, “Imma sure ‘e will.  Like I said, they’re a gud bunch o’ people…I’ve never ‘eard a bad word aboot any o’ them.  Now dinna fash yesself, I’ll come straight back an’ tell ye all aboot it.” Continue reading

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I’ve been busy levelling Ravenwynd for the last few days. Some friends have alts at around the same level and we decided to do some rep runs of The Ramparts and Blood Furnace before we started questing in earnest. Having healed these quite comfortably on my priest, even when shadow spec’d I had expected that, with a healing set, I would be able to do the same with a feral druid. How wrong I was! Continue reading

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All Sorts

This is a general sort of catching-up post.  I have added several WoW blogs to my blog roll, they have become my latest obsession; there are so many great WoW blogs out there!  As you can see from the absence of posts here I have been spending my free time on other things; mostly playing WoW and reading blogs about it, hehe. Continue reading

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Useful Mage/Priest Macro

This is a macro that I use on Hulan and Winífred a lot.  Basically, you create the macro and put it on a button.  Select your target to be cc’d and either left-click the button or press the key if it’s keybound.  This will cast your cc spell and make the target your focus.  You can now switch to any other target without losing your focus.  When you need to re-apply the cc just right-click the button and your focus will be re-sheeped/shackled without you losing your target.

/cast [button:2, target=focus] Shackle Undead; Shackle Undead
/focus [nobutton:2]

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Taming the Beast (Part III)

Trabyna looked deep into the tiger’s green eyes and let her spirit sink into them, as Thotar had taught her. She was vaguely aware of the animal’s snarling roar as she plunged into the deep, dark place outside of herself where she would meet the spirit of the tiger she was trying to tame and try to convince it to give up its life of freedom. Continue reading

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